Mercedes-Benz Certified

Experience what may be the next best thing to a new Mercedes-Benz. Visit Nusantara Pre-owned Website to shop for your Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned vehicles.

All vehicles under Mercedes-Benz Certified brand fulfil strict technical standards where each vehicle undergoes a comprehensive multi-points inspection by our trained technician. This extensive scrutiny takes into account the vehicle exterior & interior checks, mileage and service record verification as a proof that the vehicle is fully serviced and maintained by our authorized dealers.

GLS 400 (2018) Sold

C 250 (2015) Sold

GlC 200 AMG (2019) Sold

GLA 200  2019 (Sold)

A 200 HB  2019 (Sold)

GLA 200 2018 (Sold)

CLA 200 (Sold)

E 350 (Sold)

GLA 200 Vin 2019 (Sold)

GLC 300 Coupe Vin 2019 (Sold)

ML 400 4Matic | 2015 (SOLD)