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Safety has a home. Mercedes-Benz Service.

For many decades, countless pioneering technical achievements have been making Mercedes-Benz vehicles the safest cars in the world.

As the developer of your Mercedes we know exactly what's needed to keep you safe. With lots of know-how, experience and high-quality Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts, our Service ensures that you can rely on our components every single day. That's because safety has a home with Mercedes-Benz Service.

Mercedes-Benz genuine brake pads are perfectly designed for your Mercedes-Benz genuine brake discs. The optimum friction pairing ensures high braking power, short stopping distances, and low wear and tear and prevents brake noises from occurring. This is how Mercedes-Benz genuine brake linings contribute to accident-free driving.

When the brakes are actuated, the kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted into heat. The temperature of the brake discs can then rise up to 700 degrees Celsius. High-quality materials and workmanship on Mercedes-Benz genuine brake discs ensure that no deformation occurs and that the vehicle quickly comes to a standstill – for a short stopping distance.

Suspension components are safety-relevant parts which are susceptible to wear and tear. To guarantee ride comfort and your safety, we use the highest-quality materials for Mercedes-Benz genuine suspensions, including for example hardened studs. The optimum tuning of shock absorbers, suspension struts and control arms ensure reliable steering characteristics.

The rubber blend specially developed for Mercedes-Benz windscreen wipers help to provide a clear view when you really need it. Even when you’re using Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreen wipers at maximum vehicle speeds you won’t see any streaks or blemishes.

Mercedes-Benz genuine headlamps are assembled with the greatest care from high-quality components. For our halogen headlamps for example we use the Mercedes-Benz genuine H7 bulb with long-life technology. Because it has such a long lifespan, only half as many bulb changes are needed compared with conventional H7 bulbs. That means you look good and can be seen for a longer period of time. You can of course obtain a Mercedes-Benz genuine H7 bulb with long-life technology as a genuine replacement part.

Mercedes-Benz genuine oil filters protect your engine from dirt build-up that occurs as a result of the combustion process and ends up in the engine oil. The oil filter has an optimum design for your engine to guarantee the best possible leak-proofing and safety. With its large filtration capacity it reliably filters impurities from oil circulation. This prevents secondary damage to the injection system and engine of your Mercedes.

The engine air cleaner is responsible for supplying the engine with enough cleaned air for the combustion process. An insufficient supply could lead to higher consumption, lower output and premature wear and tear. To prevent this from happening, Mercedes-Benz genuine engine air cleaners deliver powerful filtering performance combined with high air permeability. That means dust and dirt don’t have a chance and your engine can unfurl its maximum output over a longer period of time.

Mercedes-Benz genuine interior filters are the first and – to date – the only interior filters to have been certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). The characteristics of the ECARF-certified car interior of your Mercedes are maintained to this standard. Using an extremely fine-pored nanofiber layer, Mercedes-Benz genuine interior filters provide reliable protection from pollen and fine particles for the benefit of your health.

So that your car can jump into action even in icy temperatures: Mercedes-Benz genuine batteries offer optimum cold start characteristics. That means you can count on reliable performance – as well as on a long service life.

Make an accident an experience you can quickly forget: Mercedes-Benz genuine body parts are appealing for their optimum dimensions and short installation time.

Strong protection for you on every journey: Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreen wipers have impressive features such as lower susceptibility to cracking and a long service life. In addition our windscreen wipers are optimally suited to the many Mercedes-Benz assistance systems.